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In addition to its recognized competences in development work and during its 28 years of activity with the production of hundreds of millions of tests, VEDALAB has acquired remarkable experience in the manufacture of immunodiagnostic reagents and rapid tests.

Modern ISO production facilities of more than 4 500 m², self-developed and state-of-the-art equipment and assembling machinery, validated procedures and full quality control compliance with the highest ISO 13485 standards, allow VEDALAB to manufacture some of the most reliable, reproducible and stable products on the market.

The quality of its manufacturing equipment, allows VEDALAB to offer its partners fully personalized/customized options as well as full flexibility in batch size from 1 000 units up to 300 000 units.  Today, VEDALAB manufactures more than 300 basic reagents which can be supplied in an extraordinary variety of presentations, shapes and sizes, while fully complying with local rules and market expectations worldwide.