Research and development

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Research and development is a key process contributing to VEDALAB’s continual growth.  The research and development team represents 10% of VEDALAB’s employees and it is still expanding.  Thanks to the exceptional technical skills of its team of scientists, VEDALAB has developed a very broad and impressive range of immunodiagnostic reagents including innovative rapid tests, patented device designs, quantitative tests and readers.  Many new products are also to come in the future.

As a field leader, VEDALAB owns several patents relating to state of the art technologies using antigens and antibodies.  Collaboration with key local partners, allows VEDALAB to offer complete development solutions ranging from initial antibody/antigen screening and selection steps to the creation of specific moulds and packaging.

In addition to creating new reagents, the research and development team continually works on the improvement of existing products and technologies in order to keep them ranking among the best reagents available on the market.

Last but not least, all development work, whether on VEDALAB’s own projects or on OEM customer projects, complies with the highest European Quality Standards such as ISO 13485, GMP and the IVD Directive 98/79/CE